Activator Methods Research

The only instrument adjusting technique backed by over 20 clinical trials.”

The Activator Method is one of the most widely-researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy. Activator Methods has published hundreds of clinical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, worked with major academic research institutions, and received grants from recognized entities like the National Institutes of Health.

Activator Methods is proud of our significant academic presence, with our technique taught in most U.S. chiropractic colleges and several more around the world. We provide substantial resources and assistance to students through college club support, guest speakers and promotional opportunities.

Search Instructions

This research page is a free resource that provides access to a searchable database of Activator Methods citations and abstracts. In general, there are three search options: Research Categories, Research Tags, and Search.  If the the full-text of an article is available it is noted at the bottom of the page below the abstract after the author information. 

Latest Research Papers

Changes in Quality of Life in 7 Older Adult Patients Receiving Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique

Attenuation Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Neuropathic and Postoperative Pain Through Activating Endogenous Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Interleukin 10 in Rat Spinal Cord.

Comparing Outcome Measures in Lumbar Spine Manipulations: Dynamic X-Rays and Oswestry Index

Resolution of Morton’s Neuroma in an Elderly Patient Receiving Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique to Correct Subluxation: A Case Study

Chiropractic Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction: A Retrospective Case Series

Resolution of Cervicalgia, Paraesthesia and Chronic Adhesive Capsulitis in a 67-Year-Old Male: A Case Study

Improvement in Mobility, Emotional Wellbeing & Quality of Life in an Older Adult Following Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care: A Case Report

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Measure the Effects of Specific Thoracic Chiropractic Adjustments on Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate

Neural Response During a Mechanically Assisted Spinal Manipulation in an Animal Model: A Pilot Study

In Vitro Biomechanical Evaluation of Single Impulse and Repetitive Mechanical Shockwave Devices Utilized for Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Clinical Trials

CLICK HERE for a complete list of clinical trials utilizing the Activator Adjustment Instrument.

Activator Adjustment Instrument FDA Information:

FDA K973506
Trade/Device Name: Activator II

FDA K003185
Trade/Device Name: Activator IV

FDA K112606
Trade/Device Name: Activator V Spinal Adjusting Instrument