University Corner

Updates from Student Organizations Around the World

By Brittany Kasprack, D.C., M.S.
DC Logan University, 2015

Brittany_KasprackWhen I began chiropractic school I was bombarded with techniques. Every professor insisted that we learn every technique so that we had options for every patient. As a student, it was scary and overwhelming.

I was looking for one consistent, effective treatment that would work for every patient I encountered. When I found Activator Methods I realized that all of my questions and concerns had been answered.

At the time, I looked within my school to further my understanding of Activator Methods, but there were only minimal, elective courses offered in the final year. There was once an Activator Club, but it had died out. I was able to resurrect the club and gain interest in the technique.

Now, my school has added Activator Methods to the core curriculum, earlier in the program. I am thrilled for the upcoming students who will be able to experience the technique that resolved my concerns.
Activator Methods gave me a treatment protocol that fits any patient. It is safe, so I don’t have to worry about injuries or lawsuits. Allowing the body’s own nervous system to tell me what it needs gives me peace of mind as a practitioner. Having the protocol gives me a system that tells me exactly what adjustments a patient needs, and, more importantly, what adjustments a patient does not need.

Activator Methods gives me everything I need, from assessments to treatments.

By Matthew Boots
Student, Palmer College of Chiropractic, 2015

Matt_BootsEarly in my first trimester at Palmer, I started attending Activator Club, and my first Activator seminar was shortly thereafter. Activator Club quickly became my way to view the light at the end of the long tunnel they call school.

Every Friday at 9:20 a.m., I was able to meet with students who were trimesters ahead of me, sharing knowledge on how to help patients and how to be better doctors; I was there, absorbing it all like a sponge.

Now, eight trimesters in to my Palmer experience, and as President of the Activator Club, it’s my turn to fill that role and share my experiences with everyone else. I have taken on the mentality that previous club presidents upheld: to leave club better off than before they held that position. I couldn’t agree more.

Activator club has turned out to be successful in more than just the technique aspect. Not only do we meet each week and help students prepare for seminars and clinic, but the student members have become like a family, where we get together outside of school to run through the checks and bounce ideas off each other. Learning off the cuff – that’s where real learning happens!

When I first entered the Academic Health Center – the outpatient clinic here at Palmer College of Chiropractic – I took over care of a patient who had previously been seen using many different techniques, but had not yet received any relief. (I’ll never forget the day one of the 10th trimester students, who had treated this patient in the past, turned to me, “It’s your turn, hope you brought your ‘A game’!” Initially I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? She was my first patient).

Long story short, after a couple of visits, she told me how impressed she was that I was able to come in with such confidence, analyze her, and adjust her. She went on to tell me that, for her, it seemed as if I’d been practicing for ten years already due to the level of the efficiency and accuracy demonstrated during the visits.

Because of Activator, I have been able to continue working with this patient and have been successful in alleviating her pain. This is a great compliment, not only to me, but to Activator Club and Activator Methods!

Becoming the president of such a well-known adjusting technique club has allowed me to flourish in the clinical setting. Many of my patients come to be because I know and understand the Activator Technique. (When you practice Activator and do it well, people find out!).

I am able to follow the systematic protocol, allowing me to detect and correct subluxations, typically giving my patients immediate relief. I let the patient’s nervous system guide me to when, and more importantly, when not to adjust. I adjust patients gently, effectively, and specifically, allowing for the body to function properly – the way it was designed.

After graduation, I plan to return to Wisconsin to work with my father and uncle in their practice. I am eager to bring the knowledge I have gained. I fully intend to utilize Activator as my sole adjusting technique because when following the protocol, I am comfortable and confident knowing my patients are getting the best care.

One of my favorite things about the Activator is how patients do not have to worry about being twisted, put in uncomfortable positions, or have their joints popped. Not only is Activator adjusting easy on the patient, but it’s easy on the doctor, too! That gives me the ability and the longevity to practice for many, many years.

Through instructing the club, I have been able to develop better communication and public speaking skills. Moreover, as president, I donate my time to help teach the elective for students preparing for clinic. I love being able to give back by explaining and sharing my love for the activator technique. I hope my instructing endeavors do not end there because nothing beats that fire you ignite in someone when they realize how awesome Activator Methods really is!