Attend an Activator Methods Seminar Near You

Becoming an expert takes time, training and the right tools. Give us your time, and we’ll deliver the training and tools you need to master the Activator Method®, the world’s number-one instrument adjusting technique. Activator Seminars are now open to every chiropractor with no rating required. You can join us at any Activator seminar in the US and internationally to earn CEU’s and stay up-to-date on the Activator Method Technique. Each seminar level has been overhauled and fine-tuned to meet the needs of your practice, and align with a whole new generation of learning.

We will continue to offer the option to have your own page including bio’s photo’s and other relevant information, but all doctors that attend an Activator Methods Fundamentals seminar, Instrument Adjusting for Extremities, and have passed the Basic Proficiency Testing will be listed on Find A Doc site.  Please call (800) 598-0224 or (602) 224-0220 locally with questions.

Only Activator Methods International offers genuine Activator training seminars. If your seminar was purchased elsewhere and/or is not listed on the website, it is not valid or recognized. Practitioners who participate in unauthorized training are not eligible for Proficiency ratings and will not be listed on

If you believe you have been solicited by a fraudulent operator offering unauthorized programs, please contact Activator Methods at 1-800-598-0224.

Questions regarding CE certificates should be directed to Palmer College CE Department at 800-452-5032 or via email at