The Activator Advantage - Our Testimonials

We spent a lot of time doing leg checks with the instructor watching everyone do them, and correcting subtle mistakes.  I was pleased that I was corrected in doing something that was less than perfect which I didn’t even realize.  The instructor kept emphasizing how important the basics were, lines of drive, and did a great job not getting caught up in checking more and more and more on the patient.  The new concepts added were actually new, very useful, and not merely an attempt to give new information to merely satisfy the doctors craving for new information.  Anyway, very refreshing and re-grounded me in the basics.  Felt an improved vibe with my adjusting yesterday.  It was great.
Having the protocol gives me a system that tells me exactly what adjustments a patient needs, and, more importantly, what adjustments a patient does not need. Activator Methods gives me everything I need, from assessments to treatments.
Activator appealed to me due to the research, results and ease of use. After practicing for ten years I continue to feel fantastic because of the minimal impact on my body and the tremendous results my patients experience. Recently I dislocated my shoulder playing hockey and did not miss any work since I was able to use the Activator with my healthy arm.
Activator club has turned out to be successful in more than just the technique aspect. Not only do we meet each week and help students prepare for seminars and clinic, but the student members have become like a family, where we get together outside of school to run through the checks and bounce ideas off each other. Learning off the cuff – that’s where real learning happens!