Activator Methods International® Donates State of the Art Instrument to Life University

Life_College(Phoenix) – Activator Methods International®, creator of the world’s most popular chiropractic adjusting instruments, is pleased to announce the donation of a new Activator V instrument to Life University for use by its faculty and students in training new doctors.

The instrument was presented to Dr. Laura Huber, representing Life University, by Activator® CEO Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr, during the Activator Methods® seminar in Atlanta earlier this month.

The Activator V is the world’s first and finest cordless adjusting instrument. Easy to operate, the ergonomically-designed instrument has variable force settings that deploy with the touch of a button. It provides a thrust that is more comfortable for the patient, captures even more of the ideal wave form that allows for precise adjustments, and provides a consistent level of thrust with each and every use.

Dr. Arlan Fuhr presenting the Activator V® to Dr. Laura Huber on behalf of Life University.

Life University’s students are committed to achieving their highest potential. That’s why we so excited to be able to provide them with the opportunity to learn, using an Activator V,” said Activator’s Dr. Arlan Fuhr. He added, “We believe that by supporting students, we’re ensuring the growth of the chiropractic

profession, as well as ensuring that more and more people will embrace this method to achieve and maintain their own health and wellness.”

The Activator Method® of instrument adjusting is taught as an elective course at Life University and Activator® instruments are used at Life’s clinics.

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