To Gain Your Proficiency Rating and Become Listed on

The Student:

The path for students to become Proficiency Rated is very simple. By completing and passing the coursework exam, as well as the practical examination we’ve provided to your instructor, you will have earned your right to become Activator Proficiency rated once you have your license to practice. You are thereby qualified for a free listing on the ‘Find a Doctor’ portion of our website. We will contact you upon graduation to obtain the information we need to make this happen!


Let’s say at one point in your life you were proficiency rated, but for whatever reason you let it expire. NO WORRIES. Your path is easy. All you have to do is take the BASIC SCAN PROTOCOL course on our Activator VT platform. You must score an 80% or higher on the final exam. A valid license and a physical address for an office are required.

First Timers:

Well for starters, welcome! We have made it easier than ever to become proficiency rated and start receiving the many benefits that come with this achievement. All you have to do is take the BASIC SCAN PROTOCOL course on our Activator VT platform. You must score an 80% or higher on the course.

Final Exam:

Your final virtual exam will be emailed to you in the form of test questions. This is where you will need a cellphone with a camera and a little help from your CA and a volunteer patient. Your CA will read the test question out loud. You are then required to demonstrate the proper technique while your CA takes a short video. Once all questions are complete you will then upload your videos to our private server for our staff to view. Once this step is complete, assuming you passed and you have met all the other standard requirements you will receive your proficiency rated status.

If You Fail:

If by chance your fail the final exam with a 79% or below, no worries, we will let you know why you did not pass and will email you a new set of test question when you are ready to take another “crack” at it. You can take the final exam as many times as it takes to pass.

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    Learn the Activator Method from the comfort of your home or office via a computer or tablet. Through our online chiropractic seminar, get step-by-step instruction in the Basic Scan Protocol, Advanced Upper, and Lower Extremities, and Advanced Tests of the Activator Method, the world’s #1 instrument adjusting technique. Along with Got Documentation by Dr. Gregg Friedman, Super Pulsed Laser Therapy by Multi Radiance Medical, and Risk Management by NCMIC Activator InstituteVT!