Wayne Tanner (Al) is an experienced professional as a financial analyst (accounting and commercial underwriting). He has worked in diverse environments including manufacturing, construction, and financial services as an accountant and world wide commercial underwriter.

His true devotion has remained in accounting and financial analysis. He pursued his careers goals by graduating from BYU in International Business Management. Wanting to use Japanese language skills in his career, he spent six years in Japan teaching English in Jr high schools north of Tokyo. He married a BYU-Hawaii Art/English graduate from Japan and they are proud parents of one daughter who is a professional model/dancer. He then earned an International MBA at Thunderbird Graduate School in Glendale, AZ focusing on Finance, Accounting, and Japanese language.

His interest in sports prompted his brief coaching career in wrestling which evolved into officiating for football, Track & Field, and wrestling at the Jr and Sr high school, and collegiate levels. Other interests include watching action and science fiction movies, book reading, SCUBA diving, cats, and fitness.