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Dr. Arlan Fuhr

Arlan W. Fuhr, DC, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Activator Methods International Ltd.
President, National Institute of Chiropractic Research
Fuhr-color-portrait-2010Arlan W. Fuhr, DC, co-founder and chief executive officer of Activator Methods International, is the co-inventor of the Activator® Adjusting Instrument and the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®. The Activator Method has become the second most-widely used chiropractic technique endorsed throughout the chiropractic field and is in use every day by 70 percent of all chiropractors. Today, Activator is taught in nearly every college in the United States and abroad, and in professional seminars throughout the year. For over 45 years, Activator has remained the most popular instrument adjusting technique worldwide.
Dr. Fuhr has been widely acknowledged in the healthcare industry for his many accomplishments, most notably for bringing instrument adjusting to the chiropractic profession. Recently, Dr. Fuhr was recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic with its prestigious Honour Award, at the organization’s 2009 Biennial Congress. Dr. Fuhr joins an esteemed group of healthcare and business professionals who have been recognized by the WFC with its highest award for their outstanding contributions to the international advancement of chiropractic.
In 2008, Dr. Fuhr was inducted into Dynamic Chiropractic‘s Champions of Chiropractic Hall of Fame. In 2006, Dr. Fuhr was distinguished with Dynamic Chiropractic’s “Person of the Year” award. In 2005, he received the “President’s Award” from the American Chiropractic Association. In 2004, Dr. Fuhr was given the Greenawalt Foundation Award for Clinical Excellence in Technique. In 2000, he became a member of the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine. In 1993, Dr. Fuhr was named Arizona’s “Chiropractor of the Year,” and accepted the Daniel David Palmer Chiropractic Scientific Award that same year. In 1991, Dr. Fuhr was named a fellow at Palmer West Academy, Palmer College of Chiropractic West in Sunnyvale, California. From 1981 through 1991, Dr. Fuhr served as a member of the Board of Trustees at Logan College of Chiropractic, St. Louis, Missouri.
Educating chiropractors across the world on the benefits of low-force chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Fuhr’s speaking engagements have included stops in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and China. He is credited with 25 peer-reviewed publications, 13 domestic patents, 47 worldwide trademarks and more than 100 copyrighted works. In 2008, Dr. Fuhr published the second edition of the technique textbook, The Activator Method, globally known as the standard reference for instrument adjusting.
A native of Minnesota, Dr. Fuhr received his chiropractic training at Logan College of Chiropractic. He is married to Judi Fuhr and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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